Friday, March 6, 2009

Our Sick Little Girl

Some of you are probably VERY surprised by this post.  It has been a few months since my last entry.  For this, I apologize.

Here is an update. 

Mary Katherine is now 16 months...just a few days from 17 months!  She is talking up a storm, saying 'mommie'...'daddy'....'kel-kel' (for her big sister)...'kee-cat' (means kitty kat for dusty, Kelsey's cat)....'dog-dog' for the doggies across the street.  Those are just a few of her favorite words.  She does call EVERYTHING a cookie!  And...'na-na' for one of her favorite foods..bananas...oh, and her pacifier is called her 'bah-bah'...who knows why she calls it that!  She loves putting that 'bah-bah' in my front pocket of my shirt! 

Mary Katherine started Mother's Day Out a several weeks ago on Tuesdays. She attends at a church near our home.  The ladies are very sweet.  MK is mothering a few of the smaller kids. 

One day at home, Mary Katherine picked up a small (Gideon's-type Bible that some of us got around 5th grade) bible and rubbed in on her cheek.  We understand our Little Champion's Ministry (at our church) hands them those small Bibles and tells the children to 'love Gods word'....AWESOME!! It warmed our hearts to see this!!

Shawn is doing VERY you may understand, she has had mixed feelings about sending her baby girl to Mother's Day Out!  Shawn is enjoying her 'new' Christmas present.  She wanted a sewing machine, but couldn't (in her mind) justify the cost of one.  So, Kelsey and I gave her a 'gift certificate' for a sewing maching of her choice (since I'm not expert in that field)...she finally settled on embroidery machine that is also a sewing machine from Singer.  Pretty cool deal......she is really liking it.

I'm working with a new company.  It is called Common Sense Publishing.  We publish three magazines and a 'newspaper' type monthly publication.  It is a wonderful place to work.  We get to open up the word during our Monday sales meetings...I love working there!  They've also assigned me a monthly column in one of our publications.  That is quite a bit of fun...will be coming up with my April column over this weekend.

Lastly, Mary Katherine is struggling with a virus that is causing her to be unable to keep anything down on her stomach.  Even water comes right back up.  We hope she'll be past this in the next 24 hours.  Please pray for her as you are lead.  We are believing in her complete and total Jesus' name!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hallelujah Night!

We had an awesome time with Mary Katherine Friday night! Mommy got her a cute butterfly outfit at OLD NAVY. She really liked it and the outfit was quite warm on a chilly night. Two other little girls (around MK's age) were dressed as butterflies, too...including one who had the same exact outfit. I'll try and post pictures of all three of them!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

1st Birthday Pictures

MK's 1st Birthday!

Some of MK's cousins came by for a visit along with 'Nin & Pa'
Across the back, Daniel, 'Nin, Pa, & Big Sis.
In front, Mikey, Jake, MK, Abbi, and Karlyn.
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Mary Katherine is 1 Year Old

Our little munchkin has finally turned one year old.  Friday was her first birthday and she'd woken up just after midnight.  So, not missing the opportunity, Mommy and me sang to her! :)

We had some family members show up on Friday after work to give her presents.  My mom and dad came by before leaving to go on a trip.  Also, her Aunt Karen, Uncle Rob, and their kids visited.  We also saw Cousins Daniel, Abbi, Karlyn, Jacob, and Mikey.  It was a fun time.

Mary Katherine ate some birthday cake and we have a video of it.  Might be able to post it online.  Will definitely post the pictures very, very soon!

Birthday party is October 18th at Burgess Falls State Park.  If you're reading this and can come, just let us know!

Friday, August 15, 2008

8 Weeks To Go!

...until MK turns one year!!  The time has flown by...enjoy the pictures below...we have more to add very soon.

Her four favorite words...

Favorite foods...
Anything Mommy and Daddy are eating!

Favorite Playtime Companion...
Her Big Sister (I have to post video showing them is hilarious)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Big Sister News

Check out the photo that WON First Place in our Putnam County was Mary Katherine's big sisters photo of Mary Katherine!  WAY TO GO KELSEY...we are so proud of you!

Monday, August 11, 2008

She Called Me Da-Da!

Mary Katherine is beginning to say more and more words.

On Saturday, we heard Ma-Ma SEVERAL times and then today, at the fair (wouldn't you know it!), she blurts out Da-Da-Da-Da...

Just so it wasn't a one-time thing, she did it again on the way home...too cool! :)  This Da-Da is very excited!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mikey Brown's Birthday!

We attended a birthday party for my nephew today. Also, this is Mary Katherine's 10 month anniversary of her birth. Hard to believe that in just 2 months, we'll celebrate her FIRST birthday. At Mikey Brown's party today, we enjoyed some good company and some good burgers! Even MK got to eat some of her Uncle Robert's cooking...she loved it.

2008 Herd Picnic!

We all had a fantastic time at Cane Creek Park in Cookeville. It was fun to see everyone...don't think I'd seen some of them since our wedding...and, of course, we were overwhelmed with guests during that time in our this get-together was quite nice. It is a lot of fun getting to know the people who are still special in my wife's life.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Photos, Photos, and More Photos!

These are of Mary Katherine in the 8-9 month age range.  She turns 10 months tomorrow (Sunday)..enjoy!

Enjoying Correction!

Went to lunch today with my wife and a few of her high school friends. A couple of them commented they enjoyed reading Mary Katherine's blog. They mentioned I haven't updated it since late April. OOPS! So, I accept this correction and will commit to bringing you all updates on Mary Katherine's blog...

By the way, she is saying two clear is 'Pa-pa' (my father in-law's name to his grandchildren) and the other is 'Bye-Bye' is so cute to hear her saying words we understand!

I will be posting some pictures VERY soon.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

What A Girl

Sorry for LACK of updates lately. We have all sorts of fun news.

1) Mary Katherine is GROWING, GROWING, GROWING! She is eating baby food now and 'talking' up a storm. She puts her toes in her mouth...and reaches for EVERYTHING...we constantly laugh at the neat, new things she does!

2) Mary Katherine's big sister, Kelsey, competed in the annual Fine Arts competition with churches all over Tennessee, at Cornerstone Church in Nashville. Her group qualified for the National Competition to be held in August in Charlotte, NC.

3) Mary Katherine had her first cold recently and kept Mommy and Daddy up all night!

4) She traveled with Mommy & MeMe (Shawn's mom) to Mississippi to see her Great-Grandmother, Great Aunts and Uncles with Mommy for several days and Daddy and big sister missed them both greatly!

5) Her last check-up and shots went fine...harder on Mommy than MK. She weighs 18 lbs and is very healthy.

6) Mommy really enjoys using the blue 'booger-puller' on know, that thing with the narrow tip on one end and the big ball on the other. I tried it on me and didn't like it a bit.
Neither does Mary Katherine.

7) Mary Katherine loves baths and her favorite food (other than Mommy's milk) is bananas.

Well, that's all for now...if you have questions or comments, post them and I'll answer back.

Again, sorry for the delay and I'll do MUCH BETTER about posting pictures and stories! :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

RIP Grandpa

Found out this morning about 2 o'clock that my grandfather had passed away. The good news is he is dancing with Jesus at the throne of God! The last picture we took of him was from Christmas with our little Mary Katherine. He was 93 and had battled Alzheimers for several years. Funeral arrangements aren't complete.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good Use of Starbuck's Gift Card Holders

Having a little one is a barrel of laughs every single day! Starbucks should be so proud of their little mittens that gift cards come in! :)